Eyes and suitcase

With a few thudds of a relatively newer cloth
The dust cloud flew before the anticipating eyes
Pin drop silence broken by the zzziping sound
The suitcase was opened after decades.

Black and white photographs
Brought colourful nostalgia
In the sparkling eyes
The suitcase was opened after decades.

A college degree of two of those eyes
The laughing echo of the past in present
Tears for the loving and caring deceased
His suitcase was opened after decades.

Our memories turned to my precious
Our childhood to my good days
All but dust was divided among shameless eyes
The suitcase was happily closed for decades.


The cycle of beauty

This is in response to (and for) my favorite short story-writer, Hargun who gave me a challenge which required defining beauty in ten sentences comprising six words each. The twist was that each sentence must have the word ‘beauty’. It also required ending it with a favorite quote on “beauty“. For a person with experience of writing poetry as less as one week, it was a herculean task. So this is my attempt after burying my head under the pillow for a long time. 🙂

The beauty in her words arrive

From the beauty of her heart

Thus spilling purest beauty on paper

When appreciation she gets, beauty travels

Galloping like Black Beauty to her

Lips forming the symbol of beauty 🙂

This journey of beauty, from heart

To lips, the author of beauty

Makes the day filled with beauty

Beauty, Which is a joy forever.

And my favorite quote on beauty will always be “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever” by John Keats.

Hope it did some justice to the expectations of Hargun.