Tale of 4 liquids

Alcohol touched his lips
Wandered through his throat
Reached inside, making its magic
More came, drowning his liver

Adrenaline rushed into blood
Raced towards everywhere
The effect reached outside, showing its trick
More came, he now picked up his keys

Petrol ignited, flooded the engine
An ego soothing vroom now being heard
Burning inside, it readied its show
More came, now refusing to stop

Blood now crawled where the car was
Brown coloured highway now blushed red
Fleeing from inside, it now ran free
More came, never agreeing to stop

Eye for an eye

I looked in those eyes trying to find
The fear in which they swam
The pain that broke teary dams
Instead I saw,
Eye for an eye making the whole world blind

Innocent blood was split, burnt bodies were lined
Though candles were lit and songs were sung
Still hard to understand if the communal bee never stung
What candles couldn’t provide, was provided by terror
So eye for an eye made the whole world blind

Revenge was taken by spilling more innocent blood
Swords and knives transformed to RDX and guns
Punished was everyone except the culprits
The culprits of both sides still hard to find
Probably because eye for an eye has made us blind.

Hardly mattered

Yesterday morning

To transform his weary world he took a flight
Got surrounded by a storm sinister, yet he
Flew to fight the menacing dangers still out of sight
Though scared yet the obsession was too sacred to flee

Gazers from ground watched in awe
The battle of big versus the small
With wind wrecking their nests of straw
Jealous judgements born hoping for his fall

The journey was long and tiring
Hurdles of rain and wind helped none
Unscathed the determination, and blood firing
Ensured that well begun was already half done

When the attempt was made by all the
strength gathered
The final result in the eyes of others
hardly mattered

Nominated by Sunaina, whose writings with incredible insights never fail to explore new thinking horizons and Udit, a wonderful writer – I again start the Quote challenge with this quote by Rumi : “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”

The quote reminds me to be a little less cautious and a little more foolish so that even if I fail, I have the satisfaction of knowing I couldn’t have done better.

Through thick and thin

Created to wipe tears, shimmers with fake, sly smiles
Meant to lessen distances, barricades the shortest path
The energy it found to lighten up the lives
Incomprehensible was the mind, who decided to use its wrath

 The echo of laughter reduced to emoticons yellow
The magical touch, craves for a glance
Hypnotized by devices and their beeps mellow
Fingers and eyes move in sync, as if in some trance

Melody of birds under the morning Sun
Unheard, suppressed by the dubstep loud
Thoughts kicked by tailor-made opinion
What if the silver lining shadows the cloud?

Madness swims from individual to world
River of blood flows with a small click
Sense degrades and compassion hurled
We made technology the reason of thin and thick.

Suffocation of the suffocation

Of it goes, to break away. . .

From everyday chores, to wander stray.

Suffocated by the trap, burning from the heat. . .

It is now free, living a treat.

The journey however, was not so sweet. . .

Air and blood, were the people to greet.

Though death it causes, they say. . .

Smoke from the pipe ascends away.