A frustrated rant

The sea looked beautiful
So different from land
Mesmerized, the diver jumped
Into the ocean his dreams had

The ocean was made of change
No sign of pause wherever he saw
The exciting sea now felt tiring
Sequence of changes leaving him in awe.

His tales transformed from mermaids to sharks
Ideals changed from Phelps to Grylls
Once a firefly, he became afraid of darks
Hunger of adventure was now struggle to survive.

People, not planets change

The Earth ceased to stand and started…
The sides switched steadily.
The eyes once sparkled near scarlet cheeks…
When a love filled glance given…
Now stare fixedly on phone, anything but love driven.

The communicated woes in whisper…
Converted to arguments in anger.
The slow strolling by each other’s side…
Living the lively journey without a care…
Now peace-less paces to a destination that none cared.

Looking up to the starry sky in a moonless night…
You ask yourself when wrong was born out of right.
The cool breeze breathes in the ears…
Reckless¬†reaper reminded of the worst fears…
That the strongest cloth cut minutely, easily tears.

The Earth¬†roamed round, arrived at the beginning…
Postions of planets, satellites, stars still in the same race…
The year old people however, too tough to trace.

The Family Tree

They coined the term family-tree
Where happiness flowed for decades in spree
He said this, and she heard that
When did sacrifices transform to tit for tat?

The ancient home saw all of it
Blood relatives turning to whatever they see fit
The moisture seeps through the walls too old
The sight probably made the tears difficult to hold

Selfless deeds going unnoticed
Seeing money matters, hearts exploded
Anger and remorse fill some hearts
Others’ wicked smiles pierce it like darts

Indifference of those, for whom
Lives were lived, to see it bloom
The proud smiles over lips which say
You won’t be acknowledged, come what may.


Like rain drops brutally fall on the window pane…
Together who once were in the clouds free from pain.
Racing with peers to reach their respective grounds…
With soothing pitter-patter cheering sounds.

Seldom two of them collide…
Stop for a moment then together they glide.
Reminded of the time spent in sky…
I wonder do they ever cry.

With final days remaining of a lovely phase…
Friends eager to find their pane to race.
Get-togethers will sometimes be planned…
Will however be different from those where plans were made.

Eventually the drops do meet…
After bearing the unbearable heat.
This journey from clouds to the oceans…
Teach us to move having faith in relations.