Free! When you buy 3

It is incredible how the meaning of ‘freedom’ has almost completely become ‘choice’. We have choices between Apple and Samsung, Suzuki and Enfield, Reebok and Nike and so on. But we have lost the freedom to talk, to explore, to wander. In the quest of owning means, we have forgotten or made to forget the abstract things of which they were means of. We are mindwashed into believing that owning the means of communication is what we really want. It doesn’t matter if you are really feel comfortable in communicating.

Probably I am wrong and having the choices is indeed more important than the old-fashioned freedom for which people gave their lives. Probably all they wanted was free markets and foreign investments when they hoisted the national flag for the first time. Probably they wished somewhere deep in their hearts that right winged leaders take up the mission of displacing and eradicating minorities in the name of development when they walked shoulder to shoulder without noticing the beard, the hairstyle, the turban, or the cross.

We are today flooded with ideas (and one of them is this). Ideas that tell us what we really want, what will really make us happy, what is really the right thing to do in some random situation in which you will probably never be in. But all these ideas really have one thing in common. They all come with a huge amount of self pity and regret. They talk about things that you should have done earlier, things you should do but can’t, things you never thought about doing but now you know you will never be able to either. But thank God you have your smartphone so you open social media so that the cycle of ideas and self pity can start again.

But if I am against right wing politics, free markets, foreign investments and choices, I should be prepared to be called as anti-national, communist, maoist, terrorist, sexist, dentist and other ists. Is it a co-incidence that the poorest societies in the world contain the most dangerous anti social elements while the most powerful ones are the rightful protectors of justice? How does every act of ‘humanity’ done by every government of the world somehow directly brings fortunes to the corporate world?

Who cares! Where is my smartphone? I need to be awake and google ‘how to fall asleep’.




. . . . it is. #Placed #Relieved.
Scores of status updates have been posted using this or similar templates. I too waited to post this message for 4 and a half years and eventually the time did come. But the status didn’t. It couldn’t.
Probably it was the fatigue, or the urge to stay away from the crowd to look cool; but I like to think that there was a question that needed to be answered before feeling relieved. The question that whether the thing that I wanted the most is the thing that I really wanted.
To understand this, let us look back in our lives and try to encircle those events which matter the most today. It might not be true for few, but there is a high probability that most of those events were not anticipated by most of us. They happened when we were desperately trying for something better, or which seemed better at that time.

So these “accidents” which now shape our lives – is there a way to know whether they are taking you off the road or directing you towards your true destination? Please let me know if there is one. But till then, I will stay in my comfort zone and think that life does not decide our destinations, but our roads and their destinations shape our lives. I like to feel that we may have some talents, but it doesn’t mean that if they remain undiscovered, we, as drivers won’t know the right way. Christopher Columbus went exactly opposite to the way he planned to discover an alternate route to India. No doubt he failed in the most important venture of his life, but America wouldn’t have been discovered had he been so accurately focused on his passion. Anil Kumble would have been a fine software engineer even if Britishers had not invented Cricket a century ago.

I am not saying that lack of focus on our true destiny is not advisable. I am trying to question (understand) the concept of true destiny. Destiny is something we make by making choices and by working our asses off. One can work for his passion, but one also can make work his passion. But either way, the destiny is not true, its “we” who have to be true to make a decent destiny.
To wrap up, I would like to leave you with a thought to ponder upon when you meet with a new accident that has the potential to shape your future. Just ask yourself this, “Can I make this accident worth meeting with”.