Surrounded by blur,
Wandering among echos,
Lost in the infinite,
A faded fragrance crawls as an evidence of presence

Some ignored,
Few even loathed,
Many believed,
But a handful was the ones to feel
The usual’s absence.


In Vain

She was trapped, unable to move a muscle…
He burnt at thousands of degrees, ready for the tussle.
He shone and fought, centuries later melted the glacier…
The river now free, without a word, went to the sea tastier.

The Sun stayed there, watching the burns go in vain.

She dressed in yellow and black…
Working selflessly, secluded from the pack.
She happily sang, but attacked the trespassers…
The flower blossomed, without a glance, allured the lovers.

The bumblebee waited there, watching the life go in vain.

The selfishness of being selfless did its part…
Relationship between sacrifice and reward are just to exhort.
The unbreakable heart, broken and shattered…
The sight one lived for, just never flattered.