The race towards reality


He tried to fly to know the world in an instant,
Ignoring the world, he tried hard.
Higher he soared, more the dream became distant,
When the comfort is around, experience gets debarred.

Disappointed, heartbroken he came back to the thorny throne,
Looked in the eyes of the people who made the world.
The carefree smiles, the nervous gaze and the tears with the happiness gone,
Amused, to the walking he was hurled.

Zone of comfort was unwillingly broken,
Harsh realities being shoved in the face.
The happiness gone but received was content’s token,
Little did he knew that this was the ultimate aim of his race.


Waiting to bloom

Lotus Temple, Delhi
Lotus Temple, Delhi

Perceived to have a heart of stones
Pretending to be content with petals closed
Peeking to see the sun while the cloud moans
Pining for breaking free – eventually exposed

Claustrophobic the pretty palace starts to become
Caught between desires of present and past
Clamour of shrieks rupturing the ear drum
Crying, he hopes to fly before life ceases to last

Heaven comes after death

Rocky was the terrain, too hard to walk on
In the absence of guides, ventured into unknown
Unable to find talent, he developed the skill
Excruciating pain in feet, neglected by eyes filled with thrill

Distant images of leaves, a faint crashing of waves
Inspiration was scarce, but the madness craves
The smell of winning, overpowering the fatigue
Not anymore was he, in reason’s league

 He lifted the cup of life, with his bruised hand
The suffering slipping away, like desert sand
A grin traveled through, scars and sweat
Skies reached, only after the clouds’ threat

He had to fall, while learning to fly
To experience heaven, he had to die