Worst, for the best of us

A phone call is all it takes, to change lives forever. Sometimes it pushes you in an ocean of scary uncertainty with statements like “Kohli, Navneet ko kuchh hua hai, koi kuchh bata nai raha” (Kohli, something has happened to Navneet, no one is telling me anything).

Other times, the voices from the other side are calm and composed. They silently throw you into emptiness. They just state the fact as they are. They can be as simple as “nahi” (no)  when you desperately shout to the other person, “is he alive or not!?”.

Last year, it was a dear friend. This time, on the first anniversary of that friend, is a senior. The times when you are forced to believe that the worst happens to the best of us, you are consumed by both despair and fearlessness. You stop believing in everything you thought to be obvious till now. Suddenly, lung cancer and smoking seem completely unrelated. Drinking and driving start causing deaths to innocents rather than the culprits.

The fond memories of laughter, discussions, let downs, guidance do remain with us, but the reality of God’s cruelty haunts the heart in nights. 

Navneet and Sagar, wherever you are, hope you keep making lives of others beautiful like you did with us 🙂

Knowing heart

A monkey cap from the back
A cunning smile over a goatee
It was funny how she saw him everywhere
When she knew he’d never be there

Perhaps she didn’t know after all
Or she didn’t want to know
She heard a reference to rising from the ashes once
You never know” she said when was told the impossibility

Probably she knows he’s there
Helping in interviews, getting the cab
Cancelling of events, changing the seasons
Smiling, still making her heart skip a beat – while his own stopped months ago

The bond forms

“I would say that if there has to be just one Governor, it has to be him”, he said to the selectors, realizing the consequences of saying this. It was the position he wanted the most and had sacrificed a couple of other positions to be in this race. But he also wanted the best for the society and knew it was safest in the referred man’s hands.
Their friendship wasn’t instantaneous. Coming from opposite parts of a country that changes it’s language every 22km, probably nothing was common in them, except enemies. They hated the same people for the same reasons. Notably, one of them was in this room asking for suggestions for new Governors.
Each other’s genuineness was what had appealed to them when they first discussed their unhappiness about the state of events. But his ability to sense hypocrisy and identify wrong but politically correct people made him the most deserved one for the post. The man batting for him in that room knew that though he can work his ass off with complete honesty, there was diplomacy and a little cunningness that was needed to run the society and to beat it’s rivals. But he had no idea that his friend will be doing the same for him a few days later when he would be called. His reason would be that an honest sincerity is needed to compliment his soft skills and as he described himself – ‘too badass to give a fuck’, he needed someone to keep him going while what  his whole body wanted was just a bottle of scotch and his speakers playing Les Misrables songs.
The person sitting behind the table spoke again, “if both of you are given the responsibility, will it be okay?”

*fast forward 2 weeks*

Batchmates, seniors, juniors congratulating them, some with happiness, some with jealousy. An unbreakable bond started to form from that day.

The Choice

It is impossible to find in
Today’s world they say,
Vultures prey on it
No matter do what you may.

A sea of people surrounds
Wherever you may go,
But solitude creeps in
Moving slowly while keeping low.

A magical world is then created
With emotions playing hide and seek,
Inundated by a sheet of desolation
Yet comforting like leaves of teak.

The border between company and loneliness
slowly blurs,
Hard to find which is what and yes
Even harder to choose.