A wink!


In times of darkness look around
Eyes fixed on the beauty of moon
While feet sticking firmly on ground
A path lights up singing your tune

Destination being the palace white
Could be closer than you think
Now that feet move towards glowing light
The path will be as long as a wink


Hardly mattered

Yesterday morning

To transform his weary world he took a flight
Got surrounded by a storm sinister, yet he
Flew to fight the menacing dangers still out of sight
Though scared yet the obsession was too sacred to flee

Gazers from ground watched in awe
The battle of big versus the small
With wind wrecking their nests of straw
Jealous judgements born hoping for his fall

The journey was long and tiring
Hurdles of rain and wind helped none
Unscathed the determination, and blood firing
Ensured that well begun was already half done

When the attempt was made by all the
strength gathered
The final result in the eyes of others
hardly mattered

Nominated by Sunaina, whose writings with incredible insights never fail to explore new thinking horizons and Udit, a wonderful writer – I again start the Quote challenge with this quote by Rumi : “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”

The quote reminds me to be a little less cautious and a little more foolish so that even if I fail, I have the satisfaction of knowing I couldn’t have done better.

Ants – Inspiring people since childhood

IMG_0356This is created by ants? Really? Those small points who can’t even move without colliding with each other? And I am not able to meet that target assigned to me? I ask myself what’s my excuse. Clearly ‘feasibility’ is something that even an ant doesn’t believe in.

On having a closer look at this ant-hill, I realized that I, being probably a million times bigger than those engineers and workers who built it, cannot make something as fascinating as this with sand. This intrigued me and I asked Google for help. What a fascinating creature the ant is!

This structure is made by hundreds of millions of worker ants by taking one grain of sand at a time while making their underground ant-colonies. The biggest of them in Japan, extends for 670 acres! God, even the Japanese ants overtake the collective hard work of Indians.

So what do humans do when they spot a such a masterpiece? We do what we do the best – destruction. Have a look at this amazing and cruel video.

One grain at a time she took
Heavier than herself, she climbed
Up the heights and measured the depths
Tired, but unfazed; Hurt, but alive

These facts reminded me of that story today when a king who had lost everything sat staring on the wall, waiting for his death. There, he noticed a small ant trying to climb up the wall. For the first time, if fell down after climbing just a couple of inches. Next time, a couple of inches more, and so on. It took him the whole day, but he proved that impossible is certainly not a word in the dictionary of the ants. Kudoz to everyone who is believed to be worthless. Only you have the potential to shock the world.

This came to you on Day 4 of the Five photos, five stories challenge with special thanks to the lovely Prajakta who gave me this push to know and share.

I now nominate Izza, one of the earliest friends I found on wordpress, who with her breathtaking way with words, is habitual to create masterpieces. Do check and familiarize with her awesome blog before she changes its theme again. 😛
The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

A place to express joy and anger

The mighty gate stands tall, reaching the moon. Dazzling in the darkness of night, telling thousands of stories of bravery and sacrifice.

India Gate (May, 2015)
India Gate (May, 2015)

Sometimes though, the borrowed light goes out, and India seems to be in darkness

India Gate with full lights
India Gate with full lights

And the evil forces in the sky can be seen

India Gate when lights went off
India Gate when lights went off

It is then when the picnic spot changes to a revolutionary one

Road towards India Gate (December, 2012) Protesters jamming a 3km stretch
Road towards India Gate (December, 2012)
Protesters jamming a 3km stretch

The city of power demands it, powerfully


To break the chains to free the Might
SDC12418And it shines again

Heaven comes after death

Rocky was the terrain, too hard to walk on
In the absence of guides, ventured into unknown
Unable to find talent, he developed the skill
Excruciating pain in feet, neglected by eyes filled with thrill

Distant images of leaves, a faint crashing of waves
Inspiration was scarce, but the madness craves
The smell of winning, overpowering the fatigue
Not anymore was he, in reason’s league

 He lifted the cup of life, with his bruised hand
The suffering slipping away, like desert sand
A grin traveled through, scars and sweat
Skies reached, only after the clouds’ threat

He had to fall, while learning to fly
To experience heaven, he had to die

Is it just me

A geyser from a fissure, frozen
A sigh of solace
Caring and sharing
So serene to see.
Is it just me, or a tree is the ultimate symbol of love.


Always around
Caressing and comforting
Enchanting eyes
Worried words
Is it just me, or a mother is an imprint of God.


A creed of colors
A flurry of fragrance
A sweet silence
A hustle of happiness
Is it just me, or each flower tells the story of life.


Being forever for everyone
A journey jeopardized obstacles
Stepped, shoved by sulky companions
Guiding them, to gutsy glory
Is it just me, or a road is the epitome of character and strength.


A brief bidding of byes
For a return rhetoric
Bathed in blood but
Too determined to die
Is it just me, or the sunset fills the world with inspiration.


Is it just me, or is it just me?

All photos taken during different vacations in Sikkim, Kashmir and Karanataka (India).

Dots Connected

A star twinkles, beautiful they see…
So far, unfathomable by thee…
Closer you go, the fire it burns…
Giving the soothing light…
While its heart and mind, ablaze in turns.

Constellations form, light years away…
Jock Tamson’s Bairn, always have a way…
Dots are spotted, among billions they say…
Sense injected, into randomness at play…
Stars connected happy and gay.

Constellation was incomplete, a star missing…
Scottish it was, humanity sipping…
Magical hands, wit at its best…
Writes she when, swells the pen’s chest…
Words shared together, the search came to rest.

Happy she was, sad she felt…
A teacher a mother, in her all the goodness dwelt…
Light she radiates, heat she suffer…
Soon the wind blows, cools the burning mother…
And with constellation complete, its time for supper.

Written for a beautiful blogger whose words never fail to impress and inspire. Thank you @scottishmomus ( I still have no idea if we can tag someone to our post so that he or she gets a notification). Anyway, do visit her awesome blog here: https://scottishmomus.wordpress.com/

The Wheel

Today while coming from class I noticed the front wheel of my bicycle. It was rotating continuously but still I could see no difference on its surface, neither could I differentiate the seemingly infinite number of scopes which were doing all they could to support my weight. Suddenly a strange realization gripped my mind.

So many times we wonder what are we doing with our lives, we just do similar chores day after day, every day. But we fail to see that although the wheel does the same thing every second, but while doing it, it carries the rider places. For the rider, the monotonous life of the wheel is a question of life and death.

A good mason builds a wall not while thinking of the wall, but while trying his best to place that one brick as perfectly as possible. The wall then takes care of itself. When I look up to legends – the places they have been, the walls they have built; an inspirational thought engulfs me – Concentrate on the paintbrush, picture will be made.

The Unexpected Treat


Ever happened to be at the right place at just the right moment? It was a sunny Sunday afternoon of March in Kolkata and in search of some shade, we sneaked into a ground where a bunch of children were playing a cricket match. We made ourselves comfortable under a tree while we watched and cheered for the third-man who showed some excellent fielding skills.

Suddenly at some distance a magnificent sight caught our attention – 3 very young bikers were going in line while doing what we call a Perfect Wheelie ! We ran towards them and observed the bikers while they relayed from one corner of the ground to another with a new stunt each time. We were spellbound by the grace of these prodigies and how they made those dangerous stunts look so easy.

This is a small glimpse of our star – Charles, The Infinity Biker as he likes to call himself.

It is funny how one learns the most unfathomable virtues of life from the most unexpected people at the most unexpected places. We talked to Charles for a few minutes to take a glimpse into his life and I could not help noticing the passion and aggression in his seemingly calm eyes. We were dumbstruck when he told us that he learnt all these stunts by watching YouTube videos and he felt absolutely no pride in that. He talked about his achievements and his shows as a matter of fact as if every child of his age can do it.

A few excerpts from the talk we had with him:

How old are you Charles?

And what do you do?
I study in class 7 and the rest you just saw (laughs).

ince when are you doing these stunts? And do you do it professionally or just as a hobby? 
I am doing it for the last 3 years now. It is a hobby but we do go for some shows organised by Red Bull etc.

So where did you get your training from?
From YouTube. We observe the tutorial and international videos of bike stunts on the internet and try to copy them here every evening. We are group of 3-4 children (points to his friends) who help and guide each other. This is where we get our training.

That’s just awesome. And what are the plans for your future?
(Chuckles) No plans of future right now. That is very far. Right now there is just practice and school.

So this was what made our day. Hope it does the same to you. Although we wished him luck while leaving but we knew that he didn’t  need luck. Instead we thanked him heartily to teach us the true meaning of passion.