Open ended

He opened his eyes
Saw around him the blood
Heard the cries and shrieks
Thanked God, he was scratch-less

It was dark, the date had changed
And so was the mood of birthday celebration
He wished he could help his wounded acquaintances
But he cared for his sleep more, always

He reminded himself of the time
When his girlfriend broke up with him
For the n-th time because sleep was his true love
He laughed off the thought as his canines shone in the lights dim

He picked himself up and realised
That he was as full of life as ever
He looked around to find someone like him
Crazy enough to be playing football at that hour

Disappointed, he thought of his mom
She wouldn’t be too happy he realized
Last time he met her, she had fainted
Of fasting for her son’s good job
While he was unable to control his laughter

His dad always wanted him to confess that he drinks
But he was too smart to do so
He pretended to be as ideal as his brother
While he lived life by being as badass as possible

Probably the thoughts of some of his brought back his smile
He was again the first to do something
And got a lot of boost to his ego
Wo kehte hain na : Spotlight” – he lives that dialogue of his own play

He liked open-ended scripts
So it is unknown what he did next
Some said he stayed, watching and judging
Some said he started working on a new script
Some thought he left to meet his true love – peaceful sleep

They can’t be sure though
The scratch less body gave no clue


Hardly mattered

Yesterday morning

To transform his weary world he took a flight
Got surrounded by a storm sinister, yet he
Flew to fight the menacing dangers still out of sight
Though scared yet the obsession was too sacred to flee

Gazers from ground watched in awe
The battle of big versus the small
With wind wrecking their nests of straw
Jealous judgements born hoping for his fall

The journey was long and tiring
Hurdles of rain and wind helped none
Unscathed the determination, and blood firing
Ensured that well begun was already half done

When the attempt was made by all the
strength gathered
The final result in the eyes of others
hardly mattered

Nominated by Sunaina, whose writings with incredible insights never fail to explore new thinking horizons and Udit, a wonderful writer – I again start the Quote challenge with this quote by Rumi : “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”

The quote reminds me to be a little less cautious and a little more foolish so that even if I fail, I have the satisfaction of knowing I couldn’t have done better.

Joy under the stars

I have always been in awe of the freedom one enjoys in an open-air theater, also known as an Amphitheater. A closed air-conditioned auditorium with all the facilities would undoubtedly look better at the first sight to the audience, but the exquisite image of watching an actor speaking at the top of his/her voice but without a tinge of shouting, sitting on the stairs without a care in the world, under the blanket of stars evokes emotions that just could not be replaced by the comfortable seats of an auditorium.

I remember a particular night during our dramatics workshop at the Tagore Open Air Theater, fondly known as TOAT, when after hours of exercises, we were made to experience the strangest joy (I had no encounter with meditation till then). I urge to all of you to try the following instructions while lying under the night sky to experience it yourselves.

So here it goes:

1. Lie down straight with your back against the ground.
2. Look at the sky for a couple of minutes and try to empty your mind, away from all the worries, and concentrate on a distant star.
3. Slowly close your eyes and try to recreate the image of the sky you just saw.
4. Now with your eyes still closed, imagine to fly towards the star you focused.
5. Observe each asteroid, meteorite, satellite, planet and all the other heavenly bodies that cross your way.
6. As you reach closer to your star, peek into the beautiful universe beyond.
7. Glide into a new galaxy, witness those unique constellations still undiscovered
8. Keep floating into the unknown for as much time as you like – unnoticed, untraceable and carefree.
9. Now you see funny things floating with you that could not be here. A chocolate, a guitar and you go further a colorful umbrella. Keep collecting as many weird things you see.
10. When all of them have been collected, make something unique, irrational and stupid by doing anything with those things.
11. Slowly come back to earth with your creation, and with your eyes still closed, start rubbing your palms.
12. When you feel they are warm enough, bring them to your eyes and softy transfer the warmth.
13. Slowly open your eyes and do share in the comments how was the journey and what you brought 🙂

The photograph was taken at Dilli Haat (Delhi) which brought this memory from my workshop days. This is for the Day 2 of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge nominated by the talented Prajakta.

I now nominate an amazing observer, Maniparna who somehow makes everything so divine and serene by her beautiful Haiku, poetry and photography. Do check her blog if you haven’t done yet:)
The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”


Like rain drops brutally fall on the window pane…
Together who once were in the clouds free from pain.
Racing with peers to reach their respective grounds…
With soothing pitter-patter cheering sounds.

Seldom two of them collide…
Stop for a moment then together they glide.
Reminded of the time spent in sky…
I wonder do they ever cry.

With final days remaining of a lovely phase…
Friends eager to find their pane to race.
Get-togethers will sometimes be planned…
Will however be different from those where plans were made.

Eventually the drops do meet…
After bearing the unbearable heat.
This journey from clouds to the oceans…
Teach us to move having faith in relations.