Detached from the branch
The leaf began to fall
Slapped by the winds
It looked upon the sky so small.

Immune to the pain
Indifferent to the trees
He drifted in space
To where time might please

Distant memories started to fade
Of green folks and united rustling
Alone, it was now unable to know
An end it was, or another beginning.

Detached from the branch
The leaf began to fall
Detached from the world
I begin to walk


The Choice

It is impossible to find in
Today’s world they say,
Vultures prey on it
No matter do what you may.

A sea of people surrounds
Wherever you may go,
But solitude creeps in
Moving slowly while keeping low.

A magical world is then created
With emotions playing hide and seek,
Inundated by a sheet of desolation
Yet comforting like leaves of teak.

The border between company and loneliness
slowly blurs,
Hard to find which is what and yes
Even harder to choose.