The race towards reality


He tried to fly to know the world in an instant,
Ignoring the world, he tried hard.
Higher he soared, more the dream became distant,
When the comfort is around, experience gets debarred.

Disappointed, heartbroken he came back to the thorny throne,
Looked in the eyes of the people who made the world.
The carefree smiles, the nervous gaze and the tears with the happiness gone,
Amused, to the walking he was hurled.

Zone of comfort was unwillingly broken,
Harsh realities being shoved in the face.
The happiness gone but received was content’s token,
Little did he knew that this was the ultimate aim of his race.


Hardly mattered

Yesterday morning

To transform his weary world he took a flight
Got surrounded by a storm sinister, yet he
Flew to fight the menacing dangers still out of sight
Though scared yet the obsession was too sacred to flee

Gazers from ground watched in awe
The battle of big versus the small
With wind wrecking their nests of straw
Jealous judgements born hoping for his fall

The journey was long and tiring
Hurdles of rain and wind helped none
Unscathed the determination, and blood firing
Ensured that well begun was already half done

When the attempt was made by all the
strength gathered
The final result in the eyes of others
hardly mattered

Nominated by Sunaina, whose writings with incredible insights never fail to explore new thinking horizons and Udit, a wonderful writer – I again start the Quote challenge with this quote by Rumi : “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?”

The quote reminds me to be a little less cautious and a little more foolish so that even if I fail, I have the satisfaction of knowing I couldn’t have done better.


India Habitat Center

When it is hard for the eyes to spot the difference
Between reality and virtual reflection
The commotion in the mind searches for reminiscence
But in vain goes all the introspection

He looks through the glass of guilt made
Translucent by the scars of selfishness
Yearning to do righteous deeds slowly fade
Trapped in the comfort zone exposing helplessness

Focused on the light he tries again
Trusting the trees and leaves to be real
He breaks the glass leaving weakness’ feign
To climb to the roof enchantingly surreal

Upon reaching the top he turns and sees
The journey traveled from dungeons to sky
Tired, he deep breathes the refreshing breeze
Lived and loved enough, he now wasn’t scared to die

People, not planets change

The Earth ceased to stand and started…
The sides switched steadily.
The eyes once sparkled near scarlet cheeks…
When a love filled glance given…
Now stare fixedly on phone, anything but love driven.

The communicated woes in whisper…
Converted to arguments in anger.
The slow strolling by each other’s side…
Living the lively journey without a care…
Now peace-less paces to a destination that none cared.

Looking up to the starry sky in a moonless night…
You ask yourself when wrong was born out of right.
The cool breeze breathes in the ears…
Reckless reaper reminded of the worst fears…
That the strongest cloth cut minutely, easily tears.

The Earth roamed round, arrived at the beginning…
Postions of planets, satellites, stars still in the same race…
The year old people however, too tough to trace.

The Pensieve

Sometimes while lying on my bed, I look outside the window and stare into the infinite blue canvas. I never know when it ceases to be a blank canvas and transforms into a Pensievefilled with memories appearing like motion pictures in high definition.

The clouds dissolve to form faces, and the rustling of leaves in the background changes to meaningful words which if had been spoken, could have changed the course of life. The incidents associated with the most extreme emotions, buried for years, come alive again. No matter how they make you feel now, it is definitely exhilarating to analyze the situation and others’ expression at that time, as a third person.

But sometimes while making sense of something that probably has no meaning, might not be even true, my gaze stops at that person who stands there, unaware of being watched so closely, having no idea how this moment will change his life. Yes, that ‘me’. The more I see into his eyes, more determined they look to keep those memories safe inside them, forever. And at this moment a scary thought engulfs my mind. ‘No one knows any of us’. No matter how much extrovert you are, how much public attention you get, there is a huge part of you visible only to you. Sometimes its so ugly that we try to ignore it and convince ourselves that it doesn’t exist. Other times, it is too beautiful to be fathomed by others. But there is always a second face that we all have, visible only to us in the pensieve. And that’s why I love gazing at the bright sky, removing my eyes from it only when the water coming from them starts tickling my cheeks and the universe for this disclosed face gets the spotlight again.