A wink!


In times of darkness look around
Eyes fixed on the beauty of moon
While feet sticking firmly on ground
A path lights up singing your tune

Destination being the palace white
Could be closer than you think
Now that feet move towards glowing light
The path will be as long as a wink


Drunken talkies

Being in an expensive bar during happy hours is fun whether or not you are drunk. There are individuals trying to mend a broken heart, groups celebrating a birthday looting an individual, and couples dating while respecting the slowdown in the economy.

There is a saying here that if there are more than one utensils in a kitchen, they are bound to make sound – referring to the occasional arguments people in a family indulge into. Well, probably at the time this saying was made, bars were not so prevalent as they are now. The “sound” that the innocently drunk “utensils” make is sometimes enough to subside the loud music playing in the language of Martians which is further remixed by Wall-E.

It was the time of our graduation treat at The Irish House in Calcutta and we saw a couple enjoying an appealing drink. It was a cocktail in which the whole solid can of Red Bull was immersed upside down. We were intrigued (and hoped the cans would pass the hygiene tests with better marks than we did in our finals) by the look of the drink. So one of our drunken masters, Ravi, went up to the couple and very respectfully asked the girl, “Excuse me, ma’am. What are the ingredients of this drink?” Unfortunately, the guy was in no mood to let her girl socialize and let our warrior get some happiness in the happy hours. “Ingredients? Are you a fucking scientist?”, he barked furiously. Heartbroken, my friend who had just a day before submitted his thesis for his masters in Chemistry declared proudly : “Yes I am !” And it was a delight to see the petrified faces of these newly made friends. The three of them spent a major part of the evening discussing the ingredients. 😀

Meanwhile another sober friend, Aleem showed me a card with these words : “Buy 2 get 1”. Anyone found it funny? Neither did I. Then he said this : “Dude how can these be happy hours? We have to pay for 2 drinks but they’ll give only 1”. And a subtle giggle slipped from Tejeshwar, sitting between us. This triggered a chain reaction and one by one each one of us spat out everything that was inside their mouths, laughing with tears in our eyes on this lame joke. It became a herculean task to stop ourselves from laughing but then the bill did the trick. The smiles suddenly changed in a moment to inquisitive looks to ascertain who has how much.

Just before leaving, we saw a man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties sitting alone with a beer TOWER on his table. He filled his glass and held it as if trying to crush it into pieces. His red eyes made it evident that if hate signifies passion, that guy has really found his passion in that beer tower !

Stories are more, but time is less. Alcohol is slow death. Consume only if you are not in a hurry to die. Thanks for reading.

It’s time


She was a voice I used to wait for
Finishing all the physics chemistry by nine
Making maths and earphones ready to adore
The joy of studying with a company benign

Taking requests from creepy callers
Making them feel at ease by chirpiness
Giving a glimpse to the Russian cultures
Five hours of unperturbed happiness

But leaving the city changed the radio
And I missed the familiar soothing voice
Now back after half a decade to the stereo
The welcome note from her starts the time to rejoice


A tribute to my favorite RJ who made sure that I was glued to the radio set everyday for five hours straight along with which I used to study for the entrance exam of colleges. The exam was cleared and I tried to call her several times to express my gratitude but the lines of wonderful RJs are mostly busy. Thanks to Twitter, the old dream of conversing with her came true 😀

If you are by any chance reading this, I thank you RJ Rhicha for your huge contribution in the achievement of my goals. 🙂

This was in response to the A photo a day challenge by Quirkyshine – An inspirational survivor and a wonderful poet. Do check out her blog if you haven’t till now.

Ants – Inspiring people since childhood

IMG_0356This is created by ants? Really? Those small points who can’t even move without colliding with each other? And I am not able to meet that target assigned to me? I ask myself what’s my excuse. Clearly ‘feasibility’ is something that even an ant doesn’t believe in.

On having a closer look at this ant-hill, I realized that I, being probably a million times bigger than those engineers and workers who built it, cannot make something as fascinating as this with sand. This intrigued me and I asked Google for help. What a fascinating creature the ant is!

This structure is made by hundreds of millions of worker ants by taking one grain of sand at a time while making their underground ant-colonies. The biggest of them in Japan, extends for 670 acres! God, even the Japanese ants overtake the collective hard work of Indians.

So what do humans do when they spot a such a masterpiece? We do what we do the best – destruction. Have a look at this amazing and cruel video.

One grain at a time she took
Heavier than herself, she climbed
Up the heights and measured the depths
Tired, but unfazed; Hurt, but alive

These facts reminded me of that story today when a king who had lost everything sat staring on the wall, waiting for his death. There, he noticed a small ant trying to climb up the wall. For the first time, if fell down after climbing just a couple of inches. Next time, a couple of inches more, and so on. It took him the whole day, but he proved that impossible is certainly not a word in the dictionary of the ants. Kudoz to everyone who is believed to be worthless. Only you have the potential to shock the world.

This came to you on Day 4 of the Five photos, five stories challenge with special thanks to the lovely Prajakta who gave me this push to know and share.

I now nominate Izza, one of the earliest friends I found on wordpress, who with her breathtaking way with words, is habitual to create masterpieces. Do check and familiarize with her awesome blog before she changes its theme again. 😛
The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

Dazzling in the darkness


A time when headlights outnumber
The compassionate eyes seen on road
Hearts are usually found bleeding
Waiting to be crushed, while ego shadowed

A city where soothing plants are
Mercilessly cut and carved
To spread natural green beauty
Where humanity starved

A night which never experiences dark
The rush dazzles it like love
In brightness, light is nowhere to be seen
So bringing everyone together, flew a brave dove

So this was the picture from Karol Bagh metro station (where photography is illegal) for the Day 3 of the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge, nominated by a perfectionist in the armchair, Prajakta.

I would nominate the dove, Kritika for this challenge now so that the joy of being an audience for her writings, photography and sketching could be shared with all of you.
The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

Let there be light

Happy time when prevails
When plans are made like fairy tales
Eyes when shine like a sparkling gem
Unaware of tears waiting behind them.

The hour turns, seems as if stopped
The dreams crushed, and smiles mopped
Darkness engulfs, impossible to see
Gazing at the sky, one just wishes to flee.

Failed to understand, the theory of life
After ripening, the fruit goes to knife
But the story doesn’t end here
For time is little, too large is life.

After the darkest before dawn
Sparrows chirp in a distant lawn
A minute speckle of light shines
Gives the hope to end the whine.

In the darkest corners of the world
In a blink the dark is hurled
To turn despair into hope and delight
Just remember to switch on the light.