Eye for an eye

I looked in those eyes trying to find
The fear in which they swam
The pain that broke teary dams
Instead I saw,
Eye for an eye making the whole world blind

Innocent blood was split, burnt bodies were lined
Though candles were lit and songs were sung
Still hard to understand if the communal bee never stung
What candles couldn’t provide, was provided by terror
So eye for an eye made the whole world blind

Revenge was taken by spilling more innocent blood
Swords and knives transformed to RDX and guns
Punished was everyone except the culprits
The culprits of both sides still hard to find
Probably because eye for an eye has made us blind.


Heaven comes after death

Rocky was the terrain, too hard to walk on
In the absence of guides, ventured into unknown
Unable to find talent, he developed the skill
Excruciating pain in feet, neglected by eyes filled with thrill

Distant images of leaves, a faint crashing of waves
Inspiration was scarce, but the madness craves
The smell of winning, overpowering the fatigue
Not anymore was he, in reason’s league

 He lifted the cup of life, with his bruised hand
The suffering slipping away, like desert sand
A grin traveled through, scars and sweat
Skies reached, only after the clouds’ threat

He had to fall, while learning to fly
To experience heaven, he had to die

I left myself there

The heart was broken there
It saw all of that sitting on a chair
Learnt to move on, forgot the tears
But the place recorded it all for the later years

Even the thought of returning to
The place still colored blue
Burns inside making eyes red
The movie played, while the heart bled.

Miles away there are some stairs
Where nights were spent laughing without fears
The earth rotated a thousand times
The stairs deserted, the crowd sublimes

Yet the exuberance of a revisit
Never fails to die a bit
The echo of laughter
Is still heard ages after.

I leave the places never alone
A part of me stays on that throne
Of thorns or flowers it doesn’t matter
All the memories stay there on platter