The dark road

The road dazzled with lights moving
A broken divider lay in the dark
Words few hung from it
Covered with dusty dreams and salty water

Scared, I checked for mine in my ears
Different these were, completely alien
I Picked up the carefree smirk, that never left
A cold wind blows, a warm assurance brought

A familiar voice, the naughty laughter
A split second, the deafening silence.
A thousand ifs, the merciless truth
A rode dazzled, the divider broke


A new life

SDC12525The texture of white over a canvas of blue
Delicate petals, refreshing with dew
Koels singing a melody so sweet
A cool breeze touching the giant Banyan feet


The texture of yellow mixed with shades of green
Like love blooming from nature so serene
Fresh is the fragrance of red buds waiting to bloom
To become a blanket of cheer, covering all gloom
Who would have thought a night so dark
Tearing the heart like the teeth of a shark
Would be erased in a moment – the scorning
By the new life, generated early morning

A place to express joy and anger

The mighty gate stands tall, reaching the moon. Dazzling in the darkness of night, telling thousands of stories of bravery and sacrifice.

India Gate (May, 2015)
India Gate (May, 2015)

Sometimes though, the borrowed light goes out, and India seems to be in darkness

India Gate with full lights
India Gate with full lights

And the evil forces in the sky can be seen

India Gate when lights went off
India Gate when lights went off

It is then when the picnic spot changes to a revolutionary one

Road towards India Gate (December, 2012) Protesters jamming a 3km stretch
Road towards India Gate (December, 2012)
Protesters jamming a 3km stretch

The city of power demands it, powerfully


To break the chains to free the Might
SDC12418And it shines again

The Blindness

I stand in a valley surrounded
By hills and trees mounted
The sun shines on the opposite hemisphere
And the moon can be seen nowhere

In an ocean of dark
I see things pointed like a shark
The rustling leaves make a sound so shrill
My spine shivers with the stormy wind’s chill

The pupil is maximized but still
Unable to get the light to fill
Black shapes appear on canvas black
A cricket chirps and animates the pack

Slowly the dawn breaks and
The black canvas gets a red band
The black sharks now lush green
The misty mountains so serene

The fear of unknown scared
Of knowledge making it impaired
The cool winds kiss the ears and whisper
The blindness, not the scene, is the one to whimper

Let there be light

Happy time when prevails
When plans are made like fairy tales
Eyes when shine like a sparkling gem
Unaware of tears waiting behind them.

The hour turns, seems as if stopped
The dreams crushed, and smiles mopped
Darkness engulfs, impossible to see
Gazing at the sky, one just wishes to flee.

Failed to understand, the theory of life
After ripening, the fruit goes to knife
But the story doesn’t end here
For time is little, too large is life.

After the darkest before dawn
Sparrows chirp in a distant lawn
A minute speckle of light shines
Gives the hope to end the whine.

In the darkest corners of the world
In a blink the dark is hurled
To turn despair into hope and delight
Just remember to switch on the light.